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It doesn't matter how good the lure is, if it doesn't catch fish because of the hook
If you can't fish because of the hook, it's pointless. I would like more thought to be given to treble hooks.
What is the required performance of a treble hook? What performance is required of a treble hook?

A wide opening to make it easier for the point of the hook to touch the body of the fish when it attacks the lure. A good bite so that the point of the hook is ready to bite the fish the moment it touches its body. Exquisite inward-facing point design to convert hook power into rapid penetration. Fully curved design developed with the drilled hook, which is strong enough to ensure that the fish does not lose control of the hook and bite into it. Adoption of Cyber ​​Metal, a special abrasion-resistant steel, which prevents the hook point from dulling and keeps it sharp even when the hook point comes into intermittent contact with the lure body or obstacles, which is the fate of the treble hooks.

The ideal shape and material, discovered with practice, is combined with the TC coating, which has a hooking performance of another dimension, adopted for the Tantrum Control.

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