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Based on the Pierce Treble, it has been redesigned with a long shaft to handle even the weakest of bites.
Additionally, small barbs and TC coating have been applied to the large hooks to ensure sharp penetration.
The variable shaft diameter design takes into account the intended use of each size, striking an exquisite balance between penetration and strength.

Size 2/0 - 1/0
When hooking a hook that will not fit in the fish's mouth, it is important to hook it in the area around the mouth where there are scales.
To achieve this, it is essential that the barb penetrates through the hard scales, so the lure is set with a finer shaft than conventional products to maximize penetration.
Penetration force has been increased to the limit.

Size 0 - 3
To use with rigs of a certain power.
Designed with a slightly thicker shaft than conventional products to ensure strength for use with rigs with a certain degree of power.
The design allows for two different types of use: brute force oriented and piercing treble with an emphasis on penetration.

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